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Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association


This page contains all ODMHA forms on one page for easy download

If you are looking for a document, procedure or policy, click HERE.

NOTE: Both the Tournament Sanction Form and the Association Participant Insurance Administrative Fee Form have been removed from this site.
These require the utilization of the Multiple Copy Documents (multi colour snap sets) already available for this purpose.
If you do not have these proper documents please consult with your District Chair and they will provide you with copies.
If a Tournament Sanction or Participant Insurance form is received in any other manner they will be treated as not being received.

Inter_District Residency_Requirements Overview.doc31 KB
ODHAInjuryReport.pdf255.9 KB
Travel Permit US & Canada Revised 07.doc29 KB
Declaration_Member_of_Good_Standing.doc59.5 KB
Initiation Program Annex A.doc57.5 KB
Team Travel Permit.doc77.5 KB
Hockey Canada Event Sanctioning manual.doc161 KB
OHF Susp 2012-13.pdf2.32 MB
Registration of League 2013.doc52 KB
Registration of District 2013.doc52 KB
Registration of Association 2013.doc52 KB
Declaration of Inter District Residency.doc74.5 KB
AAA Affiliation Permission Form2013.doc1.69 MB
Affiliation Permission Form2013.doc1.69 MB
Special event request form 2013.doc486.5 KB
Overage Player playing at a Lower Age Category - tournament form.doc489 KB
Transfer Tryout Application FINAL 2014.doc26.73 KB

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