AAA Sub Committee Report - with public responses added - see attachments

AAA Sub-committee report
Process to date:
 Review of player counts from 2012-2013 (all players and AAA only.
 Preparation of options for re-organization, by members. Some key issues were:
o Geographic considerations (urban changes more likely to be effective).
o Areas of focus (67’s are much larger than any of the others).
o Problem areas for AAA (participation of particular Associations, high or low).
o Impact of draw area on standings.
o Locations for expected population growth / decline.
 Review of options with maps.
 Submission of two preferred options toMinor Council for examination. The attached scenario summarize the two options under discussion. There were others (OttawaWest returning to Senators, the AAA Presidents’ motion involving just Leitrim, etc.).
1. Expand the Wild draw area to include South Stormont and Russell and expand the Cyclone draw area to include all of Leitrim.
2. Expand theWild draw area to include South Stormont and Russell and expand the Cyclone draw area to include Leitrim, east of Albion Road. Expand the Senators draw are to include Leitrim, west of Albion Road.
We ask that the following be done:
1 District Chairs take this back to their Executives and return ready to discuss both further either at December's meeting but more likely January.
2 The Committee will analyze the impact of these changes (number of AAA players likely affected, size of changed draw areas, etc.).
1. Decide then which is preferred, any changes that are beneficial to be considered.
2. Vote on the preferred (or amended) proposal in the February meeting latest for introduction in 2014-2015. If there is no agreement before March of 2014, then we would propose to continuewith the status quo, until 2015-2016.

See the attachment for the summary scenario

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Kemptville Panthers win Regional Silver Stick

The Kemptville Panthers Atom B Rep team Won the Pembroke Silver Stick Regional's on November 10, 2013. Winning the Regionals means they are invited to participate in the Forest Silver Stick International Finals in Forest, Ontario on the weekend of January 24, 2014.
We would like to wish the Kemptville Panthers the best of luck in this upcoming experience as they move forward.

The OEMHL AA / A League Timekeeper Clinics

The OEMHL AA / A League Timekeeper Clinic’s Wednesday the 18th and Thursday 19th of September 2013 6pm to 10pm.

September 18th Place ODHA Hockey 0ffice first floor cafeteria.
Maximum 60 attendees

September 19th Place ODHA Hockey office third first floor cafeteria
Maximum 60 attendees

Cost: 20:00 dollars

Registration: https://ehockey.hockeycanada.ca/ehockey/cliniclist.aspx?oid=10
Registration Time 6:00 PM

Clinic 6:20 PM